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 安倍政権「障害もたらす」 中国副首相が批判 経済とは切り離しも
2014.4.16 00:13 [中国]






 《政経分離》って最後には結局《そうは言っても政治と経済は切り離せないでしょ?》ってとこに落ち着くんだけどね。  だって、仲の悪い国同士が商売だけは仲良くしようなんてあり得ないもんね。w

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The Abe Administration Chinese deputy prime minister who "drips the obstacle" with the criticism economy as for separating it
2014.4.16 00:13 [China]
Chinese 汪洋副首相 (commercial affairs charge) talked together in visit to China corps and Beijing of the Japan international trade promotion association where the Yohei Kawano former Speaker of the House of Representatives acted as a chairperson on 15th and criticized Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by name when "the way of the Abe government brought the moral and material obstacle of most" (in Japan-China relations).
Only "the Chinese government does not watch the economic world in one with a Japanese administrator". The Japanese nation emphasizes, it is similar. The economy and the culture, the young interchange showed the thought to push forward positively constant degree, a limit apart with the Japanese-Chinese political opposition.
In 汪氏, "a Japanese administrator lacks the recognition that strategic, is long-term". I did an unpleasant thing to China and the Asian people and criticized it when it adversely affected economy of the middle day.
I accepted it after having explained a basic posture of the Japanese Government where Kawano followed Murayama statement in acknowledgment of the history of the aggression when "I am sorry, but it wanted you to trust it by all means because you made eager efforts so that in future postwar order did not collapse that doubt came out" (in China). (jointly)

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《 separation of political and economical problems 》 kana ?w where this is new
Even if 《 separation of political and economical problems 》 said so 《 finally after all, I could not separate politics and the economy and crossed arrival at 》 ってとこに omission. Well, an unfriendly country fellow is the thing that only the business does not get intimacy くしようなんてあり. w


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